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So, you have a great story to submit that you want to share with thousands of viewers.. awesome!! We will be happy to share it on Yoga Messenger.

Here are some guidelines and tips for submitting your article / story:


We are happy to share any story that is already posted, as well as any fresh content you’ve created.

By emailing us your story you are giving us permission to do any edits that are needed (mainly spelling and grammar). If edits are made, our “Editor” will be acknowledged, as well as you, the “Author” of the post. If no edits are made, just you, the “Author” will be acknowledged at the end of the post.

Any person of any age is welcome to submit their story. Please include your name, or, “written by Anonymous” if you choose to be a ghostwriter.

Please be sure that your articles are at least 1000 words. Anything over 3,500 words is too long.

Writing Tips

1. Use hook phrases

to keep your reader engaged throughout your post. These phrases should appear as their own paragraph after text heavy paragraphs. Phrases include:

  1. Here’s the deal:
  2. But there’s a catch.
  3. Bottom line?
  4. Most importantly!
  5. I can’t emphasize this enough
  6. Why does this all matter?
  7. The best part?
  8. How can you actually use this?
  9. But wait, there’s more..
  10. That’s not all…


2. Use benefit-driven subheaders:

Skimming is something we all do when reading. Subheaders stop the reader and emphasize certain points. These points should be compelling and beneficial enough to the reader that they take time to read the preceding text. Using numbers is also beneficial.

  • Subheading 1: Coconut Oil Does Wonders for the Skin
  • Subheading 2: Coconut Oil Can Increase Oral Hygiene by 59%
  • Subheading 3: A Secret Property of Coconut Oil They Don’t MentionExample:

3. Use the APP formula (Agree, Promise, Preview)

  1. Agree: Find a problem, story, or situation that most readers can agree or empathize with.
    1. Example: “Being late to work has happened to almost all of us and let’s face it, sleeping in is not a valid excuse.”
  2. Promise: Share what you learned or how you came out of the situation. Show the light at the end of the tunnel.
    1. Example: “I have found a way to help you save 30 minutes or more per week with a simple solution.”
  3. Preview: A sentence about what you’re going to share in the story.
    1. Example: “I am going to share with you 3 things you can do that will save you 30 minutes or more per week, so that you can arrive on-time and shine.”

4. Keep paragraphs no longer than 3 sentences.

5. Share from your heart!

This is community blog where you are welcome to share the good times and the bad with your fellow reader. We encourage you to be bold enough to express the feelings and emotions you experienced in your story. This will help readers overcome their personal challenges and know that they are not alone.

How to Submit

  1. Send your post in normal/plain text to
  2. Include your name, a photo of yourself and a link you would like to include.
  3. Stay posted for an email confirmation from saying we have received your post. If reviewed and approved you will get another email with the link to your post on our site.
  4. Share your post in Yoga Messenger with your friends on your social channels!
  5. Submit more!

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